Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Reduce The Life Of Your Carpets

Sometimes it happens that you clean the stains from your carpet but on the very next day you see it again. If this happens with you, then, you have not removed the stains properly. But, you don’t have to worry, these things usually happen. There are eight carpet cleaning mistakes many people make during carpet cleaning.

 common carpet cleaning
common carpet cleaning

So, if you don’t want your carpet to get damaged or extend its life. Stop doing these common carpet cleaning mistakes:

  1. When you see stains on your carpet, then, you take immediate action to clean the carpet which is the right thing to do. While cleaning the stains you scrub your carpet vigorously which leads to damage to your carpet. Instead of stain removal, the stains get deep inside the carpet fabric which leads to damage to your carpet’s fabric. For getting rid of the stains you should do blotting instead of rubbing.
  2. Cleaning stains need activeness. The longer the stain will remain on the carpet, the tougher it will become for you to remove it. Stains can be absorbed into carpet fabrics and damage your carpet pads. Even, the stain can become the reason for mold formation.
  3. Many people use various types of detergents to clean their carpets which is not at all a good thing to do with the carpet. Using the wrong products for carpet cleaning can lead to discoloration of the carpet. This will make your carpet look very dull. You should always do proper research before using any chemicals to clean your carpets.
  4. Many people are careless or use any chemical for carpet cleaning without testing it which you should not do. Using chemical solutions directly on the carpets without testing is a carpet cleaning mistake or can cause any harmful effects or can damage your carpet permanently. So, if you are planning or going to use any chemical solution for carpet cleaning, then, make sure to test the solution on any waste cloth to check. Does it have any harmful effects or not?
  5. If you don’t have any experience or don’t know how to use chemicals or deodorizing powders. Then, you should not try it because using it incorrectly can lead your carpet to show bad consequences. Even if your carpet can get damaged permanently. So, do get the knowledge first about using deodorizing powders then, use them.
  6. A very common carpet cleaning mistake people make is that they use chemical solutions excessively which leads to permanent damage to the carpet or your carpet can become a magnet for dirt.
  7. Another common carpet cleaning mistake is that people think that they don’t need the help of professionals to clean their carpets. But, professionals have various methods to clean the carpet, and also they are well trained. So, you won’t be able to clean your carpets like professionals, do get your carpets cleaned by professionals frequently.
  8. Many people rent carpet cleaning machines, which is beneficial. But, the carpet cleaning mistake they make is that they don’t check whether the machine is working properly or not. They start cleaning their carpet with the faulty machine which leads to worn-out carpet and causes serious damage.


These are 8 common carpet cleaning mistakes that reduce the life of your carpets. You should avoid these mistakes to happen during carpet cleaning or your carpet will get damaged permanently. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company today to get an easy solution.